Wireless Phone Chargers and Antenna Kits For All Makes and Models

Campad Electronics, one of Australia’s oldest and largest electronics and cell phone accessories supplier is proud to announce that they have just added two new models of mobile phone chargers to their vast range. This brand new range of mobile phone chargers is available to complement their already existing range of rechargeable cell phone and notebook charger sets. They are designed to provide the convenience of portability with all of the performance of a high quality charger. The two chargers are made from the highest quality materials and are compatible with most portable electronic devices (PEDs).

Campad Electronics

Campad Electronics was established in 1976 by Christian Campad and was one of the very first companies in Australia to offer both AC and DC adapter cables to help consumers travel with their equipment. With almost 35 years experience in producing top quality cell phone accessories, campad electronics is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. These days there is a great choice when it comes to purchasing mobile phone accessories. They can be purchased direct form the company or can be purchased via a variety of retail outlets. However, regardless of where you purchase your phone accessories from, this global electronics giant will have something for you.

This global giant prides itself on being “the leading electronics and communications accessories and market leader” in Australia and its main markets of Europe and North America. Its products are sold under various brand names including Campad Electronics, Concord, Dingo, Elonex, Jmic, Kenwood, Laptop Power Source, Maviki, Mylmate and Skoda. It manufactures not only chargers but also headphones, Bluetooth headsets, camera phones, GPS/RFID proximity cards, LCD touch screens, microphones, video intercoms, and world time clocks. In fact, it manufactures so much more that you may not be aware of!

One of the most popular and sought after mobile phone accessories produced by Campad electronics is the quick charger. This massive range of mobile phone chargers from various brands such as DECT, Megadroid, Logitech, and Nokia makes it possible to carry out charging your portable devices at any location. In addition, the quick chargers are a lot more reliable than the normal chargers as they offer a high level of compatibility and long battery life.

Other popular phone accessories produced by campad electronics are the camcorder car charger and camcorder phone cradles. The camcorder car charger makes it possible to charge the digital camcorder as well as recording devices simultaneously. Camcorder phone cradles come with an option of interchangeable covers which enable you to personalize your camcorders with matching cases. This global electronics giant also manufactures camcorder car charger cases that are designed to protect the camcorders from shocks and impacts whilst still allowing them to be charged whilst parked.

Campad Electronics is proud to share that in Australia, they now have an online shop where you can purchase all your phone accessories such as mobile phone chargers, camcorder cases, and camcorder car chargers and cases along with a wide selection of other electronics. If you prefer to shop offline, you will find that we have a wide range of retail outlets throughout Australia including outlet malls at Westfield, Future Shop, and Circuit City, as well as retail outlets at Coles, Woolworths, and Big K supermarket chains. If you would like to shop online without having to leave the comfort of your home, then all you need to do is follow the links below to purchase your items. When you visit our site, you will find the prices of our products and our company’s products in Australian dollars. All Australian currencies are displayed for your convenience. This means that you know exactly what your local prices are.

In this article we have looked at Campad Electronics, a leader in the phone cases for all makes and models market. The last of our Campad reviews has been about the wonderful new Bluetooth car charger and antenna kits that Campad has created for their radios. Here we will look at some other of the great products that Campad Electronics has to offer, especially if you are looking for cell phone chargers or antenna kits.

You will discover in this article, that campad electronics is pleased to share that the RCA cable kit is one item that will not go out of style. In fact, this company is so certain that their customers will love this cable, that it is offering a free six month supply of this important electronic equipment accessory to their most valued customers. Now you can enjoy a mobile phone call wherever you want whenever you feel like it. These wireless phone chargers and antennas will make sure that you never miss a single minute of your favorite audio entertainment. This is why campad electronics is pleased to share with you that they have a wonderful assortment of this accessory for all makes and models of cellular phones.