Amandeep Steel Centre – An Experience

amardeep steel centre

Amardeep Steel” is a leading global producer and seller of steel products. The company is one of the six members of the Standard Steel Council. It caters to both small scale and large scale manufacturing and retailing of steel products. In addition, Amadeep produces alloy steel components and has diversified into electrical and electroplating applications. It is located in Pakistan and exported to over 200 countries worldwide.

The Company has continued to remain on top of its game by introducing new technologies to keep pace with the competition. “In India, we have an important role to play. With our stable infrastructure, extensive R&D facilities, state-of-the-art production capabilities and low cost base, our business plan will continue to evolve and our focus on quality and cost effective production will not change. However, we are currently focusing on how to expand our market share abroad and that begins with understanding the markets in the Asian region and how we can best tap their industrial raw materials and processes.

The Company has six manufacturing plants in six countries of India, which are collectively producing around seventy-six million tonne steel products every year. India is home to most of the world’s highest per capita steel consumption. The country also plays a key role in the global supply chain due to its proximity to China and the Middle East. In fact, India is the world’s largest steel exporter and the leading exporters of industrial raw materials. This vast network of warehouses and factories across the country ensures that we can continuously supply our customers around the clock.

With the current state of the economy in India, the amardeep steel centre has been forced to look for alternate ways of securing raw material. We have had to rethink our strategy and it has led us to our present situation where we are looking to expand our business globally. Our goal and desire is to strengthen our long term relationship with our clients in India and abroad.

To this end, we are focusing on meeting the needs of our customers who need steel supplies for their projects. India’s ability to produce steel at lower cost while sustaining our environment has been one of our biggest motivations in entering this business. In India, we have been able to develop our own process equipment in the form of gas tungsten metal packaging machines, foundry machines and also welding processes. All these processes are contributing greatly to our success and it is these technologies that will enable us to increase our clientele base.

Steel importers have long been a part of our industrial raw materials chain. However, till recently, we were not able to manufacture steel in large quantities to meet our needs. The rise of amardeep steel centre and other steel manufacturing companies in India has changed that. We have now become a global steel manufacturer and exporter and our products can be found all over the world. In fact, due to our consistent record of delivery and quality, we are now being referred as a premium steel company.

This is primarily because of our ability to produce high quality steel products which are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Since our main product category is fabricated steel, we can be assured of constant demand from our customers irrespective of the price and the size. The fact that we are able to provide a variety of services has also helped us immensely and with our experienced and skilled employees, we are able to offer our customers a full range of services and products.

An important characteristic of our products is that, we do not use any other metals or non-metals in manufacturing our products. All the products manufactured by us are made of iron and alloys. This has been a major reason for our success in the export market. Therefore, if you are looking for an Amandeep steel centre or any other branded company for your steel supply, you should definitely do business with us. Our quality, expertise and prompt service have been the hallmarks of why we have gained so much popularity and goodwill.